Donate to Organ Fund

Recently we were informed by our church organ tuners and repairers that our instrument was in need of an overhaul and in the long run it would cost a significant amount of money.  We are therefore making plans to maintain the current instrument within reasonable limits.  If the cost of maintenance becomes too great then we will consider replacing the current instrument with an electronic instrument (very similar to the picture above) which will be significantly cheaper than a major overhaul of the current instrument.  In preparation for this anticipated cost the Church Council agreed that we should set about raising funds to maintain the current instrument and to eventually replace it with a new instrument.

This webpage is one way of making a gift towards the cost.

Please be aware that there is an administration cost for giving in this way

(the facility provider makes a charge) and that is 1.4% + 20p of your gift.  If you are happy for that percentage to go to the provider in this way then feel free to click on the Donate button above (every penny counts).  Otherwise there will be lots of other opportunities to give at church where all your donation will go to our fund.